There is a poison pill petition on the November ballot. It is opposed by Common Cause and other groups on the

Left, the Independence Institute and other groups on the Right, and common sense moderates in the middle. It is

VERY BAD for anyone who believes in citizen control of government. If it passes, we will never be able to undo it, or

to petition government ever again. Voting for Amendment 71 would be the WORST political move you ever made.

Your family would lose their First Amendment right to petition the government and their right to vote in a fair

election by majority rule. The issue is not whether you like every idea. These corrupt cynics want to rig all future

elections and choices so you can vote only the way they want you to vote. That is OUTRAGEOUS!

71 requires GEOGRAPHIC QUOTAS for petition signatures, AND also, believe it or not, REPEALS MAJORITY RULE. Either

hurdle would be fatal to reforming government; the two together will be the worst change in Colorado government

in state history. Big Money can then have total control over the politicians and all public policies.

They tried to kidnap the constitution twice before, in 1996 and 2008. They lost big the first time and lost narrowly

the second time. Now they're back, trying to catch us sleeping. Their claims are self-contradictory--that the state

constitution is easy to amend, but hard to change. Think about that; it's nonsense.

The goal of Amendment 71 is to protect the STATUS QUO. Why? Because the special interests for 71

now control politics and public policy and they don't want us citizens to change that. Requiring

a super-majority vote makes it even harder to challenge their death grip on Big Government. If their new

rules must protect the STATUS QUO, they should also require an incumbent politician to be defeated

only if getting under 45% of the vote. It's the same goal. Amendment 71 is against the will of the People

and against the democratic process.

Look at the Big Money behind Amendment 71. They have raised $2.7 MILLION SO FAR, with more to come. Their goal

is to prevent any ballot issues coming from citizens, ever again. Big Oil alone donated $1 MILLION in mid-September.

Now you know who is paying for all those radio and TV ads, and annoying robo calls on your phone. Look at the big

donor list. Do you think they care about you, or the best interests of our state? No way.

Begin by reading the Flier on this website. It's an accurate summary of the dangers of Amendment 71. For deeper

study, read the thorough Analysis. The False Claims will refute the slick con jobs of the shadowy special interests

pushing this attack on the democratic process. The Videos discuss why 71 is a zero for voters. The Big Money

prints the official records of their attempt to hijack the Colorado political process FOREVER.


When you have read the reasons to oppose Amendment 71, PLEASE do the following:

1. Send an email warning to every Colorado voter you know. Follow up with phone calls.

2. Write a letter to the editor mentioning no71.net as the source for free factual information against 71.

3. Print and distribute 500 half-sheets (see the Flier) at busy store exit doors; it will take only two hours. Repeat!

4. Call in talk radio and say why you refuse to let Big Money buy this election.

5. Tell every group meeting you attend why 71 must be defeated. Include your church and social clubs.

6. Read the Media, the growing list of Opponents, and other features on this site, which is expanding almost daily.

7. Read at the end of the Analysis other ways to stand up for freedom. Start TODAY to save the state we love!


Remember people will get ballots in the mail in mid-October. We must reach everyone before they get their ballot,

to prevent early voting based on ignorance.

Thank you for your help. The freedom you save will be your own.