Amendment 71 is super-deceptive

Some  disparity between reality and political rhetoric is expected. But
this year,  on Amendment 71, the gulf between proponents’ arguments and truth
is  gigantic.


Amendment  71’s campaign alleges it checks against “special interests.”
But Amendment 71,  itself, is of, for, and by the special interests. There is
no more powerful  special interest than 71’s own bagmen who seek to take
away the people’s  ability to reform our constitution.
Just  follow the money.


Proposed Amendment 71 Shenanigans

Dear Editor,

Proposed Amendment 71 Shenanigans

How can the voters of Colorado be expected to understand the ramifications of Amendment 71 (Making it more difficult to amend the Colorado Constitution), when both the ballot language  and its 'Blue Book' explanation fail to describe all of the details of its intended revision of Article V, Section 1?

CO Womens Suffrage 1893 passed with 54.7%

If Amendment 71 were in effect, Colorado women would not have gained the right to vote.

That constitutional amendment passed in 1893 by less than 55% and would thus have FAILED

to become law.