Big Money

Major Contributors to 71

(This stunning summary needs its own press release and media blast, CITING Challenge the media to interview these special interests as to motive and their newly-found "civic philanthropy.")



From official campaign filings, here are the cumulative donations of $25,000 or more, through September 14. The next report is due October 3.


Colorado Concern            $160,000

PDC Energy                      $25,000

Secretary of State Campaign Information

Here is the smoking gun of the Big Money donations to destroy democracy. It shows that as of August 31, Raise the Bar collected almost $1.6 million and had almost $300,000 remaining. Now you know where the money for that flood of radio and TV ads came from--this orgy of special interest groups and elitists who want to take away your rights.

Total Contributions & Expenditures 9/19

Here is another inside view of their tidal wave of special interest money.
Note that Big Oil and Gas gave them $1,000,000 on September 8, 2016. There is no valid
reason for donating $1 million to taking away our rights to petition and to vote.

Prepare for all the radio and TV ads and robo calls. You ain't seen nothin' yet!

(Note: files are spreadsheet format)